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Hello dear, welcome to JO AFRICA PLC (Patulous Literature Community), we are glad and very delighted to see you here. It's our pleasure to long for your patronage. Register or login into your account for an uninterrupted premium access to our forums. We are honored to have in stock; a lifetime package of the most juiciest and spiciest poems and stories to quench your literary thirst. Hope you won't mind sharing with us what's on your mind. The forum is all yours! We thank you.

Jonathan Tafreg (1985-) is a Tanzanian poet, novelist, playwright and a linguist. He is also a professional educator, businessman and a webmaster. He hosts JO AFRICA, an online forum which connects young modern African writers and provides mostly educational and entertaining posts for fans, students and teachers pursuing literature as a course of study or hobby.

He is a strong believer in his own school of thought "Tafregism" which holds that: True life is achieved when truth dominates human life, and that when lies overshadows life, then life becomes counterfeit and meaningless. Some of his quotes and poems can be retrieved from which is one of the major world's poetry archive.

He is now serving as the head of languages department in one of the leading schools in the country, and has authored several books, composed several poems and recorded tens of tracks since his exposure to the music industry and the writing world in 2007.

He is a self sponsored self promoter who will stop at nothing when it comes to business and creativity. He is now working on his masterpiece "The House of Broken Hearts", a portrayal of magical realism and time travel. Aside from his writing career and web business, Tafreg is a loving husband and a father, currently residing in the Lake Zone, United Republic of Tanzania.

For business dealings, he can be contacted though: or by sending him a private message on his website; but he can be also reached directly via +255759988648.


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