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PostSubject: DIVINE PROOF   Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:32 pm

He gave them everything for free,
Free air, free land, free water
Water that gave them fish,
Fish that gave them proteins,
Proteins that nourished their health!
And forth they multiplied,
With some crude technologies applied,
As the gods of rain smiled,
For the ancient nature never lied!
And so to the next level they extended,
Crossing limits forward they expanded,
And at last to Canaan they landed,
Mighty Titans! How they branded!
Greedily they ate, and ate, and ate
A mammoth quantity of lifeless dishes,
For they wanted to fake their fate,
Drinking liquor and making wishes!
Yet they wanted to be like gods,
While to the helpless they summoned guards,
And they wanted no poverty in their yards,
Prayers and pain from the hospital wards!
So the gods gave them time to repent,
Those tenants who pay no the rent,
They deafened their ears and off they went,
The betting society who can’t tithe a cent!
There came a time for the wind of change,
When everything appeared to be strange,
And they tried harder to restore the range,
But to gods teaching a lesson isn’t revenge!
At last they declared ‘There’s no God’
God that gave them everything for free,
Free births and free lives and free death,
Death that came to claim them all,
All who rejected redemption at last!
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